Armed with modular synths, old tape machines, and a haunting voice on top, Danish duo AyOwA create their dark and moving electronic pop songs.

Sung in Danish, but with a certain universal and dreaming approach, this band combines noise pop with vapor wave, and melodies with improvisation, in an evocative and playful mix. 


The duo is signed to legendary DJ Kenneth Bager’s own label “Music For Dreams. Their debut EP “Eremit” is a soulful search into the depth of electronic music, and the Scandinavian DNA. With many months of darkness and anticipation for a summer that sometimes never comes, the tone is set for melancholy. 


Under the title "Danish Never Sounded So Sexy" Huffington Post praises AyOwAs sound, and the language’s unique timbre. And although it isn’t commonplace to hear the Danish language mentioned for its beauty, it bears a strange attraction of the incomprehensible and mysterious to listen to. And sexy or melancholic - AyOwA continues to capture the audience with their unique and moving sound.


AyOwA has received plays on BBC 1 (Huw Stevens), BBC6, Radio X, Amazing Radio and Apple Music Beats 1, as well as Danish national radio P6 and P3. AyOwA has been featured on Noisey, Vice, Wonderland Magazine, Clash Magazine, The Independent (UK) and Huffington Post (US), and marks the rare occasion of a band singing in Danish presented outside the country.